Lunch Menu

    • Cold Sandwiches

      Comes with your choice of Bread & a side of Garden Salad or French Fries.

      Upgrade the Salad
      Caesar, Orange Almond or Daily Soup~ 3
      Greek ~ 4

    • Egg Salad


      Two hard boiled eggs lightly seasoned and blended with mayonnaise, finely diced pepper, onion & topped with leaf lettuce.

    • Tuna Salad


      Albacore white tuna lightly seasoned blended with mayonnaise, finely diced peppers, onion, celery & leaf lettuce.

    • Salmon Salad


      Atlantic salmon lightly seasoned blended with mayonnaise, finely diced peppers, onion, celery & leaf lettuce.

    • Chicken Salad


      Breast of chicken lightly seasoned blended with mayonnaise, finely diced peppers, onion, celery & leaf lettuce.

    • Specialty Salads

    • California Cobb Salad


      Hard boiled egg, cherry pink bacon, diced tomato, grilled chicken, avocado, mixed peppers, cheddar & mozzarella cheese.

    • Winter Greens Salad


      Bosc pear, apple, toasted pecans, crumbled blue cheese on mixed greens, kale & romaine. Served with house made cranberry dressing.

    • Greek Salad


      Marinated red onion, peppers, cucumbers, kalamata olives, feta cheese and capers.

    • Entrée Salads

      Comes with your choice of Orange Almond, Garden or Caesar Salad bed.

    • Chicken


      5oz Chicken Breast Grilled with salt and Pepper and sliced atop of your choice of salad bed.

    • Shrimp


      4 skewered Grilled Shrimp seasoned with lemon butter, salt & pepper atop of your choice of salad bed.

    • Salmon


      5oz Atlantic Salmon Grilled and then finished in the oven with lemon, butter, wine salt & pepper to taste.

    • Steak


      5oz top sirlion delicately spiced and grilled to your choice of doneness atop of your choice of salad bed.

    • Lunch Soups

      Make in to a soup and salad
      Garden Salad ~ 3
      Orange Almond or Ceasar ~5
      Greek ~ 6

    • French Onion Soup

    • Daily Soup

    • Lobster & Onion Soup

    • Our Classics

    • Sirloin Steak Sandwich


      Top Sirloin steak served open-faced on french stick with sautéed peppers, mushroom and caramelized onion.

    • Roast Beef au Jus


      Slow roasted eye of round, thinly sliced served on toasted garlic ciabatta bun. With Au Jus complement.

    • Macaroni & Cheese


      A delicious four-cheese cream sauce au gratin.
      Add lobster ~ 5

    • Steak Burger


      6oz medium ground steak lightly seasoned. Garnished with lettuce tomato, red onion & dill pickle on a warmed Brioche bun.

    • Grilled Pear, Apple & Brie Sandwich


      Slices of pears, apple & brie melted between thick cut buttered french bread.

    • Grilled Pastrami on Rye


      Authentic cured pastrami folded between thick cut marble rye complemented with sweet mustard sauce and dill pickle.
      Add sauerkraut & swiss cheese ~ 3

    • Grilled Chicken Cheddar & Bacon


      Chicken breast, two slices of cherry pink bacon and mild cheddar cheese with lettuce & tomato on multigrain bread.

    • Primavera Pasta


      A medley of lightly cooked vegetables, olive oil,herbs, white wine and feta cheese tossed with penne pasta.

    • Seafood Pasta


      Scallops, shrimp, onion & bell peppers served up in a bed of angel hair pasta with a tomato cream sauce finished with freshly shaved parmigiano cheese.

    • Beef Liver & Onion


      Breaded liver, caramelized onions & gravy. Served with vegetables and garlic mashed potato.

    • Fettuccine & Chicken Florentime


      Chicken breast, green onions & spinach with egg fettuccine pasta in fresh parmigiano cream sauce.

    • Shepperd's Pie


      A traditional blend of ground lamb & steak with peas, onions & carrots. Braised and simmered in a rich brown sauce blanketed with garlic potatoes.

    • Lunch Grill

      Comes with Mushrooms and French Fries.

      Garden Salad ~2
      Orange Almond or Caeser ~ 3
      Greek ~ 4

    • New York Strip


      The King of steaks. A centre-cut, New York Strip

    • Top Sirloin Steak


      Our classic "baseball cut" is full of robust beef flavour. The top sirloin is our leanest cut of steak and always a great value.

    • Ribeye Steak


      The most flavourful of steaks trimmed to prime rib specifications.

    • Filet Mignon


      The traditional tenderloin steak wrapped in bacon.

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