About Hobart’s

Hobart’s was founded on the belief that great food, genuine service, and superb atmosphere are paramount to our restaurant’s success. That belief is engrained in ownership to this day. Hobart’s is proud of its commitment to the original mantra, and embraces the communities it serves. It has always been our expectation to deliver a good experience. Our table is your table. Thank you for your patronage.


Scott Hudson

Scott has been passionate about his craft for more than three decades. He is inspired to fuse long-standing traditions with new culinary trends. To that end, he draws on valuable career experiences. Scott was an instructor in culinary apprenticeship programs and worked as a consultant to restauranteurs. He places great importance on the notion of a humble table. Scott states, “your ‘knife and fork’ journey as a guest at my table really does matter to me.” He is driven to cultivate a happy clientele, grow a competent team, and give back to the communities Hobart’s serves. Scott stresses the importance of sourcing fresh, quality ingredients and sharing our collective spirited love of food.