Meet Hobart’s



Hobart’s was founded on the belief that great food, genuine service, and superb atmosphere are paramount to our restaurant’s success. The restaurant itself has changed over time, as has the market since we first opened. We are no longer western themed or steak focused. While we still offer our trademark menu selections, we now offer a broader range of dishes for lifestyle choices or health concerns. Our menu includes more varied dishes and seasonal influences. Our atmosphere is more contemporary and relaxed. Service is with a smile, as always. We want everyone to feel comfortable at Hobart’s, because our table is your table.


We believe most people want to know the people behind the food they are served. We’re a family-owned, and employee run restaurant. Meet the people that want your experience at Hobart’s to be exceptional. If we disappoint you, please tell us. If we make your visit exceptional, please tell others.

Bryce Saunders
Owner and Chef

Bryce serves as the on-site manager and chef at both Lighthouse (Stoney Lake) and Lindsay locations. He brings an authentic desire to make your experience a good one. A natural born ‘pleaser’ Bryce wants you to feel welcome, be comfortable, and enjoy your meal at Hobart’s. He encourages you to introduce yourself to him when visiting the restaurant.

Jodie-Rose Prosser
Front-of-House Manager

From a young age, Jodie-Rose Prosser developed a love for the culinary arts, especially baking. This passion led her to Sir Sandford Fleming College where she earned a Hotel and Restaurant Operations Diploma. Since then she has worked over a decade in the industry at multiple positions. Happy to find herself at Hobart’s, Jodie is now our Front-of-House Manager, and is a part of a team that strives to provide great food, genuine service and superb atmosphere.

Christian Calberry
Chef’s Assistant

Christian plays a vital role in the experience our patrons expect. Professionally, as Hobart’s evolved, so has Christian. He started in an entry-level kitchen position and earned his culinary stripes. He creates appetizers and entrees for your enjoyment. We love Christian’s great attitude and his desire to make your dining experience exceptional. He personifies our ‘your table is our table’ motto. Christian welcomes you to Hobart’s, his home away from home.


We feel fortunate to do business in the communities we serve and thank our patrons for supporting us. In turn, we have supported numerous community causes since we first opened. We’re especially proud of the relationships and differences we have made along the way. 


If we have news to share about our locations, menu or team you will find it first on our social media. See us on Facebook and Instagram.